Saturday, August 31, 2013

360 Vegas Reviews: Tacos & Tequila @Luxor Summer 2012

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From the outside, T&T or Taco’s and Tequila looks like it could be a tattoo parlour more than a restaurant.  This 8,000 square foot restaurant’s open-air concept, styled with industrial steel lighting and d├ęcor accents, creates an edgy and hip vibe. 

Inside, the restaurant is styled with a mix of both modern Mexico and lavish Vegas. The colour scheme is a blend of dark wood furniture with rich red highlights and contrasted against brushed steel. The centerpiece of the bar is a metal sombrero sculpture with hand blown glass. All this styling is surrounded by 4 large murals that are painted onto the walls, featuring provocative Mexican styled artwork.

The food is modern takes on traditional Mexican food, offering unique options in familiar settings, like a Mediterranean taco filled with falafel.  With bold flavours, strong drinks and cool atmosphere, T&T is a great choice to do everything from meet up with your friends for a drink or sit down and enjoy a meal, oh yeah, and did we mention the over 100 types of tequila to choose from.

Vegas Mate Rating - 3/5

Mark and Keren Rating - 4/5