Saturday, August 17, 2013

360 Vegas Reviews: EyeCandy @Mandalay Bay Summer 2012

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EyeCandy isn’t just a bar, it’s a sensory experience, designed from the ground up by Sound and Technology wizard, Roger Parent to excite all the senses.  If you manage to score one of the 3 Ipod tables, you are able to send your songs to the DJ. You simply plug your Ipod into the dock and the DJ can choose whether to incorporate your suggestions into his set, or reject them.

The table tops are also another unique feature. With these, you can paint and write messages onto the screen and then have them projected onto the walls around the bar.

Many of the booths and tables move, so you can reconfigure where you’re sitting, or move to gain a better view of the dance floor. If that feels like too much work, you can access 8 different camera feeds, displayed on your table top.

Vegas Mate - No Rating
Mark and Keren - 4/5