Sunday, June 23, 2013

E-94: Very Subtle

Random Vegas
June 28th, 1881, Russell, Morgan & Co (which later becomes the US Playing Card Co), prints its first deck of cards.  Soon, the company is manufacturing 1,600 packs per day.

Vegas Mate Review of the Week
This week it’s Gordon’s June 19th review of Andiamo Steakhouse at The D – 5/5 chips

Twitpic of the week

This week’s winner is @Jonathan_M_Bell for a fantastic picture of the progress of linq including the best picture I’ve seen yet of the vortex lighting element testing.  I swear this guy took this picture from the roof at Caesars Palace because it is phenomenal.  You get a great idea of how far along the quad exterior renovations are coming along.  You can see what the building that formerly housed O’Shea’s is turning into as well as a good idea how the High Roller observation wheel is going to change the landscape.  Something I don’t think I realized until I saw this picture was how small the corridor leading you to linq will and just how relatively intimate the environment might be.  It’s clear from this picture that while linq’s primary objective isn’t to create more gaming, Flaming, Quad and Harrah’s might as well be running a train on it because linq is basically wrapped around all three of them.  It’s a great use of the space and it’s really exciting.  I’m so thrilled how the recession has forced Vegas to rethink its old business model and get creative.


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Enrique Iglesias - 9/13 & 15   Sarah Silverman - 7/20
Carnival of Madness feat Shinedown, Papa Roach, In This Moment, Skillet and more - 9/15
Selena Gomez - 11/9   Carly Rae Jepsen - 9/14
Alice in Chains - 10/26