Sunday, October 7, 2012

E-66: Trip Report G2E 2012

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Twitpic of the Trip

I put this picture out to the listeners and asked if it should be “Twitpic of the Trip” because I didn’t know if it should count because it’s not something everyone gets to experience and it isn’t particularly Vegas centric since this convention could be anywhere.  There is nothing that shows it’s in Vegas.  However, our listeners made it clear that they didn’t care.  They loved the picture and thought overwhelming that this should be the winner.  So it’s a picture of the G2E exhibit.  It shows of the WMS Gaming, Bally’s and Aristocrat areas of the expo using the panorama feature on the new iPhone.  For those of you that think his is overwhelming, the picture only shows you about a third to a half of the manufactures with exhibits and only about an 8th of the entire expo.  But I thought it was without a doubt the coolest looking collection area of the convention. 

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