Sunday, May 6, 2012

E-46: That's Stupid

Random VegasIn 1987, a visitor from Arkansas named Kirk Erickson hit a jackpot of $1,061,812 on a “Million Dollar Baby” slot at Caesars Palace.  However, Kirk was only 19 at the time thus making him under age to gamble in Vegas, which is 21, and making the jackpot invalid.  He attempted to sue but the court ruled against him. (Pulse of Vegas Blog)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week - This weeks review is Soko’s April 29th review of The Buffet @Aria – 2/5 chips

Twitpic of the Week

This week’s winner goes to friend of the show @neonvacation for a sweet day picture of Golden Gate.  I love this property for so many reasons.  It was the first hotel and the first property to receive a phone number in Vegas.  It started out as a hotel and eventually became a casino.  It just has a rich history and shows that sometimes, smaller is better.  Golden Gate’s atmosphere is fun, you can get a football beer at the bar and with the latest renovations, it looks like it’s just going to get better.


Las Vegas Monorail still broke

Vegas Deals

Coming Attractions

Hall & Oates - 9/20   Dive-in Movie @Cosmopolitan - 5/14 - 9/20   Primus - 6/22
Carlos Mencia - 7/6 & 9/14  Miss USA Pageant - 6/2-3  Surf the Musical - 6/11

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