Sunday, October 16, 2011

E-19: Visibly Intoxicated

Random Vegas - In 2009, Caesars entertainment (formerly Harrah’s) filed criminal charges with Clark County against Nebraska philanthropist and avid gambler Terrance K Watanabe for allegedly failing to repay 14.7 million in markers to two of its properties, Caesars Palace and Rio.  Watanabe countered by claiming Harrah’s supplied him with alcohol and prescription painkillers to keep him intoxicated at the tables in 2007, causing him to suffer massive loses.  Gaming regulations prohibit allowing “visibly intoxicated” players to continue to gamble. (Casino Player Magazine)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week - Ellie's Oct 11th review of the Cirque show LOVE w/The Beatles @Mirage - 5/5 chips

Twitpic of the Week

This week's winning picture goes to @VegasBiLL for his picture of Lucky Rita and the grand opening celebration of The Margaritaville Casino @Flamingo.  The crowd in this picture is a perfect example of why Caesars Entertainment decided to move forward with The Linq because the space between O’Shea and Flamingo is the kind of packed you see in Vegas nightclubs.  Something I really liked about this picture is how you really get a sense of how big Lucky Rita is when you have people around it to compare against.  All the pictures of Lucky Rita throughout the week were surprising underwhelming because you have no point of reference to judge it against.  I thought this picture not only capture the spirit of Vegas with the crowd and the worlds largest Margarita ever made but it is also a snapshot of an area that will be radically changed by this time next year as construction on The Linq is underway.


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