Sunday, September 4, 2011

E-12: Stamos Jackpot

Random Vegas - In 1991, the Mirage was the first resort in Vegas to pump a scent into the casino via the properties HVAC. 5 scents of las Vegas (Dr. Dave Schwartz twitter)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week - Tim's Aug 28th review of Ellis Island - 5/5 chips

Twitpic of the Week

This week’s winner is also the shows first repeat winner. @Lisamp22 submitted several pictures that were nominated for “pic of the week” during her recent impromptu Vegas trip.  So many in fact that I called her out on clearly having an unfair advantage because she seems to really understand what types of pictures catch our eye.  The winning shot was taken from her cab of the NYNY skyline.  It’s a unique view we haven’t seen before in Twitpic candidate and a nice shot that captures the essence and spirit of the properties marquee display.


Luckiest Casino in Vegas August 2011
1.    Riviera – 15/$161,824.68
2.    Stratosphere - $50,018.25
3.    Palms 11/$229.000

Vegas Deals
Drink all day for $39 @the Pub at Monte Carlo
2 for 1 tickets to Name That Tune @Imperial Palace
$1 Buds & $1 Dogs @El Cortez

Coming Attractions

Bonus Round

Vegas Mate Reviews of the Trip

NYNY - Bryan & Angela 3/5
MGM - Bryan & Angela 3/5
Viva Elvis - Mark 3/5, Keren 2/5 
Jabbawockeez - Mark & Keren 4/5  
 Cosmopolitan - 5/5