Sunday, May 27, 2012

E-48: Trip Report Spring 2012

Random Vegas -  Bally’s has the deepest pool on the Vegas strip at 12 ft. deep and the largest tennis complex on the Vegas Strip (@vegasfunfacts)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week

360 Vegas Mark’s May 24th review of PBR Rock Bar @Planet Hollywood – 5/5 chips

Kerenmark’s May 24th review of The Chandelier Bar – 5/5 chips

Twitpic of the Trip

Our “Pic of the Trip” goes to a photosynth shot I took of Luxor with Mandalay off to the left and a hint of Excalibur to the right.  What is so special about this picture is not only the stunning shots you can get with photosynth but I was dealing with a lot of sun reflections not to mention the solar eclipse.  So when I went to take this picture, I kept moving until Luxor hid the sun.  The result is a very ethereal look to the property that original brought me to Vegas almost as if Luxor was emulating an epiphany that this property and city would forever change my life.


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