Sunday, June 3, 2012

E-49: Wangapalooza

Random VegasCasino was filmed entirely in the Las Vegas Valley. The casino and office scenes were filmed in the famed Riviera Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip and the driving scene in the beginning of the movie was filmed on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, which is no longer open to automobile traffic. (IMDB)

Vegas Mate Review of the WeekJK’s May 28th review of the Fountains of Bellagio – 5/5 chips

Twitpic of the Week

This week’s winner goes to friend of the show @neonvacation for a really cool picture of the Paris Balloon and all it’s faded glory.  This picture was taken during the day so you can’t miss what the sun has done to it.  I’m not sure how he got this picture because you can see the PH/Cosmopolitan walkway in the foreground and the Paris balloon looms large just behind it.  I assume some editing was done or a sweet zoom was used.  My favorite part is how this shot symbolically represents what Vegas does to you with it’s deceptive distances, larger than life attractions and how it washes the life out of you from the experience.


Slots  - Trip Report

Coming Attractions

Hank Williams Jr  - 6/29   Tenacious D - 7/28  Metric - 10/6
Justin Bieber - 9/30   Seth Meyers - 7/6   Margaret Cho  - 9/6
The Doobie Brothers - 11/9-10    UFC FanExpo 2012 - 7/6-7 

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