How to share YOUR VOICE with the show

People for quite some time have asked us why we don’t have a voicemail line and there are several reasons.  One, why should we pay a middle-man for an antiquated medium for something that can be done at a much higher quality and cost nothing?  Here is how you can record audio on your smart phone and share it with the show.

All smart phones have a voice recorder app on them.  On Apple devices, it’s called “Voice Memos”, on Android devices (basically everything that isn’t an iPhone), it’s called “Voice Recorder”.  If you can’t find them, save yourself the frustration and use your phones search feature.

Once you find it, go into the app, press the record button, start talking, when you’re done, press stop.  You’ll probably be prompted to name and save the file after that.  Once you do that, if you tap on the file, you’ll find the option to email it.  Just send it to

It’s that easy to get your voice on the show.  That being said, submission of an audio file does not guarantee it will be played on the show.  That’s no offense to your efforts, just a right we reserve to have for whatever reason we feel.  And don’t worry about your ums and flubs, we’ll take care of those in post production so we can make your story sound as succinct as possible.

Happy recording.