About us

360 Vegas is one of the world's most popular podcasts about Las Vegas. If it's happening on the Strip or Fremont St and we find it interesting, its covered on the show. Specifically, what happened over the last week; news, touring artists coming to Vegas venues in the future are just a few examples of the content available within.   "Twitpic of the Week" - each week we scour twitter to find our favorite pictures of Las Vegas and nominate them for the honor. The winner is simply the picture that inspired the monologue written about, shared on the show as well as all our social media outlets, TwitterFacebookPinterestFlickr and our blog 360VegasPodcast.com.   Beyond the weekly show, hundreds of hours (no, seriously...hundreds) go into additional content, often exclusive for Patreon subscribers.

  • 360 Vintage Vegas  is the concept that inspired the creation of 360 Vegas.  It's our chance to share the cities history, specifically featuring the people, properties and events that helped shape the city into one of the number one tourist destinations on earth.  The research invested in creating these segments have encouraged some in the industry to refer to Mark as the foremost historian on the Las Vegas tourist corridor.  If Mark is known for only one thing, it will be for 360 Vintage Vegas.

  • 360 Nosh - Keren (local foodie, regular co-host and wife to Mark) and her food husband Alastair (overseas foodie, British wit and guest co-host) explore the culinary side to the city of Las Vegas...and you get to join them WHILE they do it.

  • 360 Ante Up - Gambling 101 from our friends Matt and Daz in Perth Australian

  • 360 POV (Point of View) - In depth looks at films set in Las Vegas, breaking down scenes showcasing the city, history, landmarks and analyzing if the version of the city shown in the film could exist within violating geographic continuity with the actual geographic footprint the city.  Breakdowns are so in-depth, each featured film has companion YouTube videos 

  • 360 Legal Lounge - The stories behind the evolution of gaming law, brought to you by regular co-host & attorney at law Tony.  This segment is MUCH more than the mob stories you've no doubt already heard about.

The success of the show spawned the desire to have an annual listener meet up.  We call it 360 Vegas Vacation.  People from all over the world attend our multi-day event.  The various events we plan for our listeners are specifically chosen by our hosts to showcase what they consider to be the best in Vegas and deserve our listeners attention.  Staples you'll find in every vacation will be a night on Fremont St, bar/lounge meet and greets and group gaming.


360 are affiliate partners with multiple links on our blog pages in for form of clickable banners.  Anytime you click on one of these banners you will be redirected to our affiliates site.  Anything you purchase, we get a commission for.  Your support of these affiliates is greatly appreciated as it financially supports the show and it's production.