Saturday, August 18, 2018

E-276: Delicious Irony

Random Vegas
In 1984, Circus Circus co-owner Bill Pennington was in a boating accident that almost killed him.  He remained under water for over 5 minutes until an 18 year old dove in to retrieve and eventually revive him.  It’s believed the only reason he survived is because of how cold the water in Lake Tahoe was that day.  After waking from a coma, he thanked the young man by buying him a Porsche 930 turbo.  A week later, that young man died in that vehicle from a car crash. (the book - Forgotten Man. The story of Bill Bennett)

Twitpic of the week

It's a stunning metaphor for the experience so many enjoy while visiting the city of lights.  Only in Vegas can so many partake in an unforgettable adventure even if the details of it are a bit unclear.  An ever changing and modern city that simultaneously retains an iconic & classic feel to it. An oasis in the desert, paradise on earth, @vegasphotographcaptures the emotion evoked when the opportunities that lie just past this sign are contemplated.


Saturday, August 11, 2018

E-275: Downtowny

Random Vegas
The "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign cost $4,000 to build in 1959.  Today, that equates to $34,000 (@vitalVegas)
Twitpic of the week

Oh, you don't also have a black pyramid with the brightest light in the world perched atop it.  Hmm, I suppose next you're going to tell me you don't have a volcano that erupts on a regular schedule and instead of running from it, it draws people towards it. Honestly, I'll never understand why people choose to live in less than acceptable standards or how they survive it. Hell even the homeless here get it. There is a better option people and it's called Las Vegas.  But, umm, unfortunately, not by where we live.  Yeah, they are...umm...sold out.  Yep, sold out of places to live.  I hear Hendertucky is nice.  You should check that out.  Then maybe you too can have a skyline with views like this one, shared by @JediLightowlerof Luxor fronting a lightening storm. Again, I felt out move to Vegas was a big deal but had no idea it would create apocalyptic weather conditions.


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