Saturday, January 6, 2018

E-254: The Value of the Worthless

Random Vegas 
The 1st  Elvis impersonator to perform a resident show in Vegas before Elvis died appeared at the Dunes from 1976-78.  It was called "For the Love of Elvis" and featured Johnny “Elvis” Foster.  Fun fact, owner of the Dunes, Morris Shekner, was Johnny's Godfather  

Twitpic of the week 

Pretty certain this is a staged publicity shot but I don't care, it evoked a monolog so its winning "Twitpic of the week".  Without showing an inch of neon, a single casino or any generally recognized Vegas landmark, @Cosmopolitan_LV's picture was able to capture an instantly recognizable, uniquely Vegas moment to anyone who frequents or proclaims love for the city.  A view that simultaneously exudes sex without being blatant and opportunity beyond gambling; okay that last part sounds sinister but when you remove the rape connotations, you know what I mean.  Even though one of the ladies featured in this picture looks like she might be receiving some help to secret sustenance the overwhelming feeling I get from this picture is most commonly known as the time of your life.  3 ladies who take care of themselves, showing off the fruits of their labor in a tasteful yet alluring way, all while enjoying themselves, each others company and doing exactly what they want to do at that moment in a city where virtually anything can happen, including things that will come to be the highlights of ones existence.  News


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Friday, December 22, 2017

360 Vintage Vegas: Wayne McAllister

Architecture, if done well, is much more than just the designing of a building; its creating a durable structure that is not only functional but beautiful.  Every building is designed by an architect however it takes vision and skill to transcend the steel, concrete and glass jungles of major metropolitan cities to create things that stands out in someone’s mind, and in some cases in history, as exceptional representations of the craft, inspiring future generations to take architecture to the next level; to continue to evolve with science and create something timeless.  While the best to ever live are often unknown to the public at large, their creations are known around the world and live on for decades and in some cases centuries after they are gone. 

While he had a hand in designing Binion’s Horseshoe, the Fremont is the only remaining resort Wayne McAllister was responsible for in Las Vegas.  Nevertheless, his legacy far transcends the buildings he created.  While most people have no idea who he is, Wayne’s work and influence on Las Vegas is unmistakable and timeless.  The Vegas vibe and all things cool about it can be related back to or somehow influenced by him, like a game of 6 degrees of Wayne McAllister.  So the next time you find yourself starting to tingle from the special Vegas euphoria, remember who invented that feeling, think of your favorite marquee and throw the dice.