Saturday, July 22, 2017

E-238: Lego Porn Slappers

Random Vegas
When the Mirage opened, the Villas became an immediate success with high rollers and celebrities.  Michael Jackson set up house in one of the $3,000 per night suites; and as Steve Wynn’s special guest, was permitted to swim with the dolphins.  

Before Jackson’s alleged child abuse scandal, he and Wynn were frequently seen together.  Jackson was often at Wynn’s side for interviews and photo opportunities.  The two were reported to be in talks to create a family-themed attraction featuring Jackson at the Mirage.  However that was all put on indefinite hiatus and eventually scrapped after the pedophilia scandal broke and the two stopped appearing in public together.  (Running Scared Book)

Twitpic of the week

Looking like the greatest Christmas light display ever created mixed with awe inspired tunnel vision, this week’s winner, shared by @RandoShadow of a photo by Vincent Laforest, showcases a glorious aerial view of Las Vegas and the strip at night, in what looks like miniature model train scale.  Here’s hoping Vegas reattempts to break into the family market again; if only for the collectable toys, Legos and monorail play sets of the properties and iconic features