Saturday, June 8, 2024

E-490: No Fucks to Give

 Random Vegas

The five biggest jackpots ever won in Las Vegas history (@VegasIssues)

1.     $39.7 million – Excalibur, Mar 2003

2.     $35 million – Desert Inn, Jan 2000

3.     $27.6 million – Palace Station, Nov 1998

4.     $22.6 million – Bally’s, May 2002

5.     $21.3 million – Caesars Palace, June 1999

TwitPic of the week

I don’t know if its common knowledge but Bellagio has a hell of an ass on her.  You don’t think of her as a tri-tower because that frontage is all anyone remembers but she is in fact a tri-tower, showcased spectacularly by @Maverickheli.  I don’t think this aspect of her is as appreciated as it should be.  I know I didn’t until we moved and I made the drive from the west to the strip via Flamingo Road.  She unveils herself as you come over the freeway.  It’s very distracting and elegant and a beautiful addition to our Twitpic of the week collection.