Saturday, December 16, 2023

E-467: Extra Space

 Random Vegas

Fontainebleau isn’t the first property to encounter financing problems causing the project to sit unfinished.  That title goes to the Landmark who broke ground in 1961 but had to halt construction in 62 due to financing issues.  So it sat, 80% done.  During that time it was the tallest building in the state of Nevada.  It sat dormant until 1969 when Howard Hughes bought it and finished building the property.  The Landmark would eventually open July 1st, 1969 (Vintage Research)

Twitpic of the week

Festive isn’t exactly how you would describe Christmas in Las Vegas.  Not that the city doesn’t try but the displays are usually in juxtaposition with existing signage and all easily overlooked if you aren’t paying attention.  A perfect example of this is this week’s winner from @_GrandPaD showcasing Fremont St during the holidays, circa 1959.  It isn’t easy to see upon initial inspection because Vegas signs are designed to draw your attention to them.  However, if you look past the marquees you’ll seen garland strung across the street with some bells and whistles.  Signage tangent, this picture shows Golden Nugget in a transitional period with the original signage still on display but with the addition of the steel framed roof sign, added in 1956.  In just a few years, 1961, Kermit Wayne will add a giant bullnose shield on the corners with flanked animated signage on each side.  This will come to be the properties most memorable incarnation of signage, aside from its current.