Saturday, November 11, 2023

E-462: Confrontentional

 Random Vegas

The office of Sam “Ace” Rothstein and the Tangiers sports book in Martin Scorsese’s Casino was filmed on the site of an unopened casino at the Jockey Club (@summacorp)
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One of the reasons Vegas is like no other place on the planet is the wide array of architecture it has on display. It has a mixture of traditional, themed and many in a category of their own. Unfortunately, the creativity that brought us the likes of Caesars Palace, Paris and Excalibur, shared here by @las_when, seems to have been forgotten or at least abandon. The situation leaves those that appreciate them to desperately fear that the themes that make the city so unique are now the targets for redevelopment by those who thought an office park on the strip was something visitors wanted. The only constant in life is change so rather than lament the inevitable we should try to just enjoy what we have while we have it.