Saturday, August 12, 2023

E-451: 360VV12 Trip Report

 Random Vegas

The MSG Sphere uses 150 Tera watt-hours of electricity every year. Also known as a 150 trillion watts. (@KTNV)

Twitpic of the week

She’s the newest and one of the sexiest neon signs in the history of Fremont St.  Carousel Bar Ginger @Plazalasvegas’s outdoor Porte cashre bar is a lovely addition to the history of neon sex downtown.  Vicki is the original neon beauty and thanks to the Steven’s group and Circa, we still have her in almost all her glory.  That kicking leg has turned out to be a money pit pain in the ass, I don’t blame them for cutting the preverbal cord.  Lady Luck and Sassy Sally all gave us imaginary additions to the conversation.  Now another physical representation is here and deserves her place in the zeitgeist of neon women in Las Vegas.  Congratulations to friend of the show @cinamongirl as she was the first person to suggest the name Ginger, inspired, in part, by the character Ginger from the movie Casino, a character who had a scene in the famous old Plaza Porte cashre.