Saturday, April 15, 2023

E-436: Words Are Hard

 Random Vegas

Sin City Sindy, formerly identified as the world’s biggest stripper at 31 feet tall, used to stand outside of the stripper bar located at the back of the Miracle Mile shops, by the V Theater and Blonde’s sports bar. While Sindy is still there today, the name of the bar has been changed to the more politically correct “showgirl bar”. While her stripper pole still remains her breasts, formerly said “Stripper Bar” now only says Bar. (VitalVegas)
Twitpic of the week

Proof that photoshop isn’t always a bad thing, or that you can create a pretty cool version of the strip with a light bright. This week’s winner, shared by @Begas_Vaby, shows photoshop’s ability to enhance the view into something more like we see in our dreams. Awash with various colored lights the strip is unrivaled in their use of exterior illumination, even if those have been dimmed to save money.