Saturday, November 5, 2022

E-420: Clap Worthy

 Random Vegas

The NeonMuseum’s current campus on Las Vegas Blvd, north of Fremont St, opened to the public in 2012.  On Oct 28th, it celebrated its 10th anniversary (@lasvegasweekly)
Twitpic of the week

Lettering longer than a football field and taller than a house is what travelers got to experience upon a person’s arrival at the original incarnation of the Stardust.  Part of the magic of Vegas is the often larger than life displays, whether it be the signage or experiences, available every time you visit.  Its also one of the reasons why the Neon Museum exists and is so popular.  Having the opportunity to roam amongst the titans of old gives you a perspective unique to the city and its magic.  Thanks to @_GrandPaD for sharing this flash back in time