Saturday, September 10, 2022

E-415: Rand McNally

Random Vegas 

A running gag on the 70's TV series "Vega$" - "Paging Mr. Cohen, Mr. Burt Cohen" is heard over the Desert Inn's intercom constantly throughout the series. Cohen ran the DI. The man himself finally shows up at the end of season 2 in "Siege of the Desert Inn". (@_GrandpaD) 

Twitpic of the week 

It just screams Las Vegas and an era fondly recalled by many.  It’s actually the sign that unintentionally showcased the evolution from gangster city to corporate AmericaHere @_grandpad shares the massive Stardust marquee with the original Electra Jag font.  After Boyd came in and took over the place they did what they do, tried to make the property appealing to everyoneThat included changing the font to helvetica or something easily readable but lacking in character 


ACLU Sues Fremont St Experience