Saturday, May 8, 2021

E-363: Covid Condoms

Random Vegas
  • In 1968, just before his 2-week residency in the lounge at the Riviera was coming to an end, Shecky Greene was informed that plans were to turn the showroom into a Keno lounge.
    • In an attempt to be funny, Greene came to the stage that final night and began chopping up the stage floor and giving out pieces to guests in attendance as souvenirs
    • The next morning, unaware of this antics, ownership informed Greene they were going to extend his run in the lounge for another month. (Vintage Riviera Research)

Twitpic of the week

The legend as I’m sure she’s looked to many of her patrons on many a nights.  This is El Cortez after a case of Coors Light and a tough night at the tables.  Magnificent and frightening.  Somehow sticky too, all communicated via their classic signage and usage of neon.  @zotaramichael shares with us a view askew.  A journey that no doubt comes with a story for the ages.


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