Saturday, June 13, 2020

E-333: Plum Gum

Random Vegas

The very first slot machines were built with gum dispensers.  The symbols displayed on the machine related to the gum featured, Bell gum, whose wrappers featured a bar symbol.  The rest of the symbols are related to the flavors available, orange, cherry, plum, etc. (Las Vegas behind the tables part 2) 


Twitpic of the week

This is another picture from @Classiclasvegas that reminds me of a childhood I never had but enjoy visiting from time to time.  What I love about this picture is it reminds me of the view regular people get all the time.  And some of the fortunate ones staying at Flamingo had a nice view of some of the other options available.  It also seems like the kind of picture that causes you to remember that fight you had about where to stay and you over ruled Sands only to find out you have a room facing it so all the flaws of your decision are not only magnified, they are reinforced every time you’re in the room.



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