Sunday, November 24, 2019

E-320: Allegedly Redacted

Random Vegas
The Western Village attraction at the Last Frontier was less of a replica of a real old western town and more of a movie set, complete with life-size papier-Mache figures on display throughout the streets. (The Strip – Las Vegas and the Architecture of the American Dream)

Twitpic of the week

I love when Vegas creates temporary structures to accommodate the wackiness that is this great city. Don’t have a facility that can house a championship boxing match?  No worries, we’ll just build one in the backyard.  This picture, shared by @classiclasvegas, captures a time before Mirage had its million-dollar villas or its convention center, both of which share the space the arena occupies here.  We also get reminded of a time before Caesars Forum shops existed.  It also shows us when the Mirage and Caesars had parking lots that rivaled shopping malls in scope.  In fact, virtually all those parking spaces have been replaced with buildings for retail, dining, conventions and parking garages, a far more efficient use of land on the strip that has sold for as high as 33 million an acre.  (FYI, that was the Frontier that sold for 1.2 billion for 36 acres.)