Saturday, April 27, 2019

E-298: Icahnification

Random Vegas 
In the Fall of 94, Martin Scorsese began filming the movie Casino in Las Vegas.  Bob Stupak was cast in a non-speaking role for the movie.  At one point, he approached the director and asked for a larger role with lines.  When his request was declined, he demanded a speaking role.  His demand caused his part in the movie to be recast.  Bob would later joke "I guess I overplayed my hand" (No Limit) 

Twitpic of the week

I will forever be torn by my affection for the Fremont St Experience canopy and my love of what downtown looked like without it.  I dream of the day when it evolves into something of a transformer; retracting itself in between shows at night revealing the glory that is neon signage bouncing off a sky background.  Oh, or have all the hotel towers facing Fremont St cover themselves in LED like the side of Palms instead of having a canopy.  Oh, if not that, how great would it be if the first commercial use of a time machine was so you could visit the various eras of downtown Las Vegas.  So many things I’d love to see.  The Sundance in the early 80s, an operational Vegas Vic and Vegas Vicki and possibly the greatest exterior incarnation of the Golden Nugget, with the bullnose corners, after it first took over the entire block between 1st and Casino Center Blvd.  I dream of seeing the best use of neon in history, the Mint marquee, and even though it replaced said beloved marquee, see Binion’s version of the bullnose corner, shared this week by @Summacorp.  If only we all looked this good in old pictures.