Saturday, March 16, 2019

E-294: Patting the Soft Helmet

Random Vegas 
In 2002, Stratosphere owners proposed a roller coaster attraction that would depart from the base of the pod, drop passengers to the ground at a top speed of 93mps before curving at the bottom into a misshapen "U" track that would cross Las Vegas Blvd.  The project was blocked by residents claiming it would not only be a distraction for traffic but would undermine plans to revitalize the area by discourage new residents from moving in. Almost 20 years later, the revitalization plans have yet to materialize (No Limit

Twitpic of the week 

This week I realized I will not be able to get a helicopter pilots license; because there is a 100% chance that I’ll be too distracted enjoying views like the one shared this week by @MaverickHeli and die in a fiery crash.  That being said, what a way to go.  If I could only guarantee that I’d crash into a remote area so I was the only one hurt.  But again, I can’t, because I’d be too distracted looking at views like the one shared this week by @MaverickHeli.  Something else this picture forces me to realize is I need to work on my patience so I can take a Helicopter ride over Vegas, or many of them.  Or maybe not so I can continue to be captivated every time someone shares a unique view.  Shit, now I have dueling patience issues.