Saturday, December 15, 2018

E-287: Litter of Pigs

Random Vegas

After Harrah's Entertainment purchased the Binion's Horseshoe brand so they could get the rights to the World Series of Poker brand, part of the assists included in that acquisition was the Horseshoe Hotel and Casino that existed in Shreveport Louisiana.  However, Harrah's already owned 2 casinos in the market.  So to avoid a monopoly, the Louisiana Gaming Commission required them to sell one of the properties.  So Boyd Gaming bought in and that's how Shreveport got a Sam's Town

Twitpic of the week 

I love history so much, especially documented history of Las Vegas, shared this week by @SummaCorp.  To illustrate how singularly focused I can be when it comes to the subject, the first thing I noticed when I looked at this picture was the Fremont hotel & casino under construction.  Once I was done marveling at that, I turned to the rest of the photograph and thought, “Okay, can we dial it back with the holiday decorations Vegas?  It’s a bit too busy for my taste.  And it’s getting the way of my ability to see all the neon signage on display.”  Then I’m reminded about another thing I love about Las Vegas “This isn’t all about you MARK”.  Then a sense of all-is-right-with-the-world washes over me. “You’re right Las Vegas, this is much bigger than me.  I recant my statements.  Please, carry on spreading happiness to all in whatever fashion they find appealing.  And also, I love you.”