Saturday, November 17, 2018

E-284: The Password is...

Random Vegas

It's a popular myth that the scene in the movie Casino where Joe Pesci's character stabbed a guy in the neck after saying something smart ass to Robert De Niro's character was not only filmed at Atomic Liquors, that's where it actually happened.  Neither happened at Atomic Liquors (My eyes and the Atomic Liquor bartender) 
Twitpic of the week

It's a feeling of euphoria and concern.  A dreamlike state brought to you by @arivetinglifewhere one can't help but think, "Life doesn't get any better than moments like this."  Interrupted by a moment of realization that very soon you'll not recall what's happening around you so you should probably get back to your room. Just before it occurs to you that you're not exactly sure how you got here in the first place.  Polished off with acceptance that if this is the way you die, you'd be okay with that but this better not be a dream where you're living out scenes from the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  No one should be forced to endure the movie equivalent of waterboarding let alone a subconscious version you can't simply walk away from.