Saturday, July 14, 2018

E-273: Totally Watching My Dick

Random Vegas
In 1949, Nat King Cole experienced first hand the racist duality that existed in Las Vegas at the time.  Despite being a the headliner at the Thunderbird, he was not allowed to stay or play at the property when he wasn't performing.  Instead, he was required to reside in less than adequate accommodations in a part of town known as Dustville, west of Fremont St, on the other side of I-15.  It would be another 6 years before the Moulin Rouge, the first fully integrated hotel/casino would open in Las Vegas in 1955 and another 11 years before the Moulin Rouge Agreement was signed desegregating all casinos on the strip in 1960

Twitpic of the week

It's a view askew of a place left of center, exuding a surrealism that doesn't fade from a distance, only contextualizes the experience.  The tradeoff of staying off strip is having an epic view of the action you are currently not amidst of...but what a view. I feel sorry for those who don't appreciate the theming of Las Vegas because the awe of views like this must be totally lost on them.  It must be what its like to lose one of your senses and not be able to enjoy the aroma of a loved one, the taste of secret pizza or views of the strip from a distance, like this one, shared by @JenniferTilly.  Yes, according to twitter, that one, aka Bonnie Swanson.