Saturday, June 23, 2018

E-271: Vancouver Bay

Random Vegas
It costs a Vegas hotel about $35 to "turn a room" (housekeeping).  So if the room is competed but you still have to pay a resort fee of at least $35 per night, the cost is recouped (VitalVegas)

Twitpic of the week

A motel on the strip; that's an experience I would've liked to try. The thought reminds me of childhood vacations in the south with my family and that magical feeling I got when stepping out of my room into warm air still lingering before the sun rises or after it sets.  I wouldn't dare even contemplate staying at one of the dens of STD available in modern day Vegas but back in the 60s, staying at some place like the La Concha, showcased in this week's winner, shared by @TonyIllia, would have been fun...if only it had a casino.  That single amenity is the ultimate determining factor when planning any Vegas trip for me.  Why would I stay at a place without a casino attached to it when I have options available that do?  With all the "only in Vegas" experiences available, why would you voluntarily do anything in Vegas that you could do someplace else. I even struggle with something like Delano which doesn't have its own casino but is connected to one internally so it's deemed an acceptable option, albeit not a preferred one. Vdara and Mandarin aren't even options in my head.  Idiosyncrasies aside, the La Concha will always have a special place in my heart, if only for capturing my imagination and that conch shell-esque lobby