Saturday, April 28, 2018

E-265: Fun Cunts

Random Vegas
Ralph Engelstad, owner of the Flamingo Capri before it became the Imperial palace, was once offered a contract to play for hockey professionally for the Chicago Blackhawks.  He turned it down to build his own construction company.

Twitpic of the week

Based on the landmarks pictured, its a little before my time. But it still captures the essence of the city as it was introduced to me in 2004.  It wasn't by design but there was magical transition that used to exist just beyond the northern curve of the Las Vegas strip.  It felt almost like traveling back in time at a leisurely pace. The Mirage kicked off the next generation of Vegas resorts on the strip to be built around and south of it, while the elder statesmen of the market continued to do their thing to the north.  However just like a mid-life crisis corvette, the desire to feel young again eventually took hold.  And just like a pick up game of basketball with people 20 years your junior, at some point you realized you can't keep up.  Best intentions to improve on a proven formula returned the majority of north strip to the desert.  What was once densely populated by the icons of yesteryear, showcased in the picture shared by @tonyIllia, are now mostly giant undeveloped parcels of land again.  Glass half full, they're prepped and ready for the next visionary to make their mark on the city. 


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