Friday, February 2, 2018

E-257: Investa-Gators

Random Vegas

A Las Vegas hotel housekeeper cleans an average of just 16 rooms in a typical eight-hour shift.  Vegas is currently home to 11 of the top 20 largest hotels in the world, each housing a minimum of 3,000 rooms and up to 7,100.  Doing the math, if you wanted to clean all those rooms in an 8-hour shift, it would take the 20th largest hotel in the world to accommodate that number of employees overnight.  The numbers...

  • Moon Palace Golf & Spa in Cancun Mexico is the 20th largest hotel in the world with 3,407 rooms
  • It would take 3,352 individuals to clean the 53,352 rooms housed in the 11 hotels Vegas has in the top 20 largest in the world in an 8 hour shift

Twitpic of the week

I've never really been a fan of Vegas Vic.  He seems like the kind of sign that would nonchalantly rattle of racial slurs after you get a few drinks in him, half expecting those around him totally agree, then getting hostile when he realizes he's all alone in his outdated world view.  And what's with the original "this guy" mechanics?  Who's tall and outlined in Neon, this guy.  Who was smoking E-cigs before everyone else, this guy.  Okay, we get it. Being signage on Fremont St is awesome.  You don't have to be a dick about it.  I like to image that he's the complete opposite and fabulous. Like Bruce from Family Guy. "How ya'll doing?  Welcome to Fremont St.  Come on down, everyone is invited.  Despite it being 1958 in this picture, shared by @TonyIllia, we have none of the stereotypical judgments here.  Oooo, look at how sparkly and glowy we are down here, even in black and white.  Happy to see you got a great view to check us all out.  Hope ya'll have a lots of fun but remember, don't spend all your money.  Some of that has to go to pay your bills."  Even though I know that was an impression of an over exaggerated gay character on a cartoon, I'm gonna go ahead and stop right here and just sit with what I've done, reflect on who I think I am.


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