Saturday, September 23, 2017

E-243: Truest

Random Vegas

Originally, elephants and various other carnie animals wandered the casino floor at Circus Circus.  To help disguise when they really shit on the floors, the carpet had elephant dung imprints on it. (The Book Forgotten Man)

Twitpic of the week

The only thing that is constant is change.  Vegas may be the poster child for that adage.  Take the Dunes for example; a property that started out as a motor court with a 35-foot tall fiberglass sultan as their marquee evolved into a high-rise hotel with one of the most iconic neon signs to ever grace the strip.  And so change continues, this time on Fremont St, with the removal of the Golden Goose and Glitter Gulch signage as progress continues on the 18 Fremont St demolition site. While their future is unclear, it’s fitting that @LasVegasLocally shared weeks winner and that we proclaim it Twitpic of the Week reminding us how far we’ve come and just how much things have changed.