Sunday, April 30, 2017

360 Vegas Review: Golden Gate Hotel & Casino Spring 2016

It is literally the original hotel in Las Vegas, built in 1906 and given the address 1 Fremont St. It was originally the Hotel Nevada, then in 31 it became a casino and was renamed Sal Sagev, Las Vegas backwards until 1955 when a group of Italian-Americans from San Francisco rethemed it into the Golden Gate.

Fast forward to today and this isn’t what you would expect out of a 110 year old property. This is the very definition of classic. It’s old without being dated, it’s small without feeling cramped and it's themed without being gaudy. Much of that can be attributed to it’s most recent owners, Greg and Derek Stevens. Their 2012 renovation may be the most subtle and functional ever in a place that doesn’t really have any space to grow. With 122 rooms Golden Gate is the smallest hotel/casino in Vegas on Fremont or the Strip but again, that somehow adds to it’s charm.

And the future looks even brighter. The Stevens group’s recent acquisition of La Bayou next door seems to indicate plans for expansion of the Golden Gate. And the purchase of the Las Vegas Club, Glitter Gultch and Mermaids across the street makes it clear that they are making their claim to shape Fremont St as they see fit. Those who are fans of the D have reason to believe a players club card that connects all 3 properties is coming soon.

Rating (scale of 1-5)

Mark - 3.5/5
Keren - 3/5
Alastair - 4/5