Sunday, December 4, 2016

360 Vegas Review: Hash House A Go Go @Plaza Spring 2016

In a city known for excess, the idea of a restaurant who’s entire concept is gigantic portions of food seems like a no brainer.  Hash House A Go Go has made that their thing and they’ve been so successful at it that they’ve got a location on the strip at LINQOff Strip at Rio, Downtown at Plazaa Reno spot and 2 for the Vegas locals.  However you might be surprised to know, Hash House didn’t start in Vegas, it stated in San Diego California.  Now they have locations in Illinois, Connecticut, Florida and Texas as well as the aforementioned. 

Twisted Farm Food is how they describe their food.  Bacon, BaconBacon, Lettuce & Tomato sandwich, waffles with either bacon or sausage inside and a one pound burger are just a few examples of the delicious excess that can be ordered at Hash House A Go Go.  But do huge portions of familiar favorites equal a quality food experience? Let's discuss.


Mark and Keren - 3/5
Alistair - 3.5/5