Sunday, November 20, 2016

E-217: Grief Pizza

Random Vegas

The Lucky Dragon hotel and Casino opening this December is actually connected to the Allure condo tower, the largest residential tower in Vegas at 41 stories. The reason, the developer behind the Allure project is also the guy behind Lucky Dragon. The idea came to him after the housing market crashed and he was unable to build the 2nd Allure tower he originally planned to build.

Twitpic of the week

While no version of the show was actually good it’s kitsch is what made it alluring.  In a misguided attempt to sex up that concept, the Sirens of TI publicly aborted a few times a night for a decade.  Today, Phil Ruffin has created something of a knickknack display of Treasure Island past with it’s stationary ships and apartment complex water fountains.  It’s unclear if this is a result of lowered expectations but all things considered, it’s a reasonable tribute to Vegas past. Kind of like a Neon Museum on the strip for faux ships.  We had dueling photos to choose from representing this tribute and we went with @Hollywood31’s daytime version.