Saturday, July 16, 2016

E-205: 360VVV Survivor Edition

Random Vegas
Luxor originally had a river that circled the casino with a ferry that carried guest to different parts of the pyramid. (

Twitpic of the week

Once upon a time, Vegas pools were amazing. I mean they’re awesome right now but before people stopped allowing natural selection to thin out the dumber members of the herd, things were different; things were better.  During this magical time, guests at the Sands could enjoy a pool that was more than 4 feet deep.  They could enjoy the deep end of that pool with a 12-foot tall diving board. Poolside craps? What’s this? Why do I have to make the effort to get out of this pool?  Bring the table to me.  And they did.  While not appealing to say, in pool craps was available for guest like me who enjoy the Vegas heat but wish they could gamble while enjoying it.  In truth, I’ve been in love with this picture since I first fell in love with Vegas.  It’s probably one of my top 10 pictures of Vegas EVER.  So I was thrilled when @hollywood31 made sure I didn’t miss that @themobmuseum shared it and thrilled to add it to our collection