Monday, November 16, 2015

360 Vegas Review: Peppermill Restaurant & Lounge Spring 2015

There is a place on the Vegas strip frozen in time, in the all best ways. It successfully captures the essence of cool while bathing you in glorious neon. Wanna know what it was like to hangout with Elvis, Liberace or the Rat Pack in Vegas? Well their spirit has been capture while simultaneously lives and breathes here.  All this while offering breakfast 24 hours a day. It's the Peppermill.  

Not really hungry well that’s not a problem.  Just enjoy a quality beverage on a velvet pink couch around one of the multiple indoor firepits.  Perhaps some video poker at the bar you wish was in your den is more your speed.  Lucky for you these area all options at the Peppermill.

Neon blues, pinks, purples amidst lush, albeit fake, greenery.  This is what you imagined Vegas would be like.  Quality diner food in an epic setting makes this out of the way spot work the effort.  You only live once, make sure Peppermill is part of your minds legacy.

Keren - 2/5 chips

Mark – 4/5 chips
Alastair - 5/5 chips