Sunday, March 3, 2013

E-83: Shadow of the Leader

Random Vegas
The Union Plaza opened on July 2nd 1971 as the world’s largest hotel casino at that time (@themobmuseum)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week
This week’s review is Troy’s Feb 27th review of Wine Cellar and Tasting Room @Rio, 5/5 chips

Twitpic of the week

This week’s winner is @s1kness for his picture of NYNY & the MGM Lion.  This guy actually had two pictures up for consideration this week and one think both of his pictures had in common are the colors.  The colors in both really pop off the page.  Clearly some postproduction was put into the photos but that doesn’t change the fact that this guy not only has an eye for Vegas beauty but skill in accentuating it.  In this photo, you have the MGM bronze Lion statue in the foreground and NYNY, the Statue of Liberty and her skyline in the background.  Both icons are highlighted by the use of shading around the majority of the pictures boarder in addition to the enhancement of their colors.  It reminder me of what my memories of Vegas are when I think about her various iconic images.


Vegas Deals

Coming Attractions
Yellowcard - 5/16   Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 4/13