Sunday, April 22, 2012

E-44: Fluff Le Cock

Random Vegas  -  Before the Gaming Control Board was created in1955, acquiring a gaming license in Vegas was a simple process.  In fact, if you bought an existing casino, you didn't have to apply, you would be grandfathered in.  New owners would just take over the old owners gaming license. 
(The book – The Las Vegas Chronicles)

Vegas Mate Review of the WeekCaptain Ron’s April 15th review of Bally's – 4/5 chips

Twitpic of the Week

This week’s winner is @ashvinlad for his picture of the O’Shea’s Marquee.  It’s really interesting how a property that everyone rips on is in the same breath adored.  I think O’Shea’s maybe a perfect example of the balance of Las Vegas.  For all the luxury resorts you need to have as many value minded properties as well.  While we like to stay at places like Cosmopolitan and Mirage, we always seem to find ourselves playing at O’Shea’s and Casino Royale.  While we know O’Shea’s will reopen on day what we don’t know is if it will be the same O’Shea’s we mock and love.  I hope it’s the later.


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