Sunday, December 4, 2011

E-25: Mcoxbig

Random Vegas - The Stratosphere was originally conceived to have a giant ape that would carry riders up and down one of the tower’s columns.  (Pulse of Vegas Blog)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week - This week’s winner goes to Bob for his Nov 24th review of Mandarin Oriental – 5/5 Chips

Twitpic of the Week

This weeks winner goes to @mhbroadhurst for his picture of the Strip from a helicopter.  It’s an amazing view of the strip from north strip looking down and captures just about everything from Harrah’s down to Mandalay Bay and beyond.  I particularly like how the road continues past Mandalay and gives the appearance that it just goes off into the desert.  It really gives the illusion that Las Vegas Blvd is just sitting like an oasis in middle of a desert.


Prop Bets


360 Vegas "Luckiest Casino in Vegas" Nov 2011

1. Palms - 14/$235,000
2. Binion's - 11/$42,308.30
3. Ti - 8/$124,000

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