Sunday, July 10, 2011

E-5: Rome Greece

Random Vegas - The Cirque show "Le Reve" at Wynn uses a 27 ft deep pool in it's show and keeps that pool at exactly 89 degrees.

Twitpic of the Week

This weeks winner came to us from @Lisamp22. Bellagio was holding a contest last week, encouraging people to submit their best Bellagio pics for a chance to be the properties twitter avatar for a week. @Lisamp22 submitted a photo to this contest and we liked it so much, we nominated it for our "Twitpic of the week". After we announced the nomination, @Lisamp22 sent us another picture from the top of Mandalay Ba at Mix lounge for our consideration and blew us away. This picture of the Las Vegas Strip at night is the kind of photo you would expect to see on a poster in a Vegas souvenir shop. It's fantastic! Check it out on our blog, Flickr page or the enhanced version of the podcast. Thank you @Lisamp22 and congratulations.

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