Sunday, March 24, 2013

E-85: Trip Report - 360 Vegas Vacation

Random Vegas
The Las Vegas Strip is the brightest place on earth when looked at from space (@vegas_only)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week
Mark’s March 22nd Review of CUT at Palazzo – 5/5 chips
Impressed. The steak at CUT is as good as STK but I didn’t enjoy the sides as much.  I did learn just how different various types of beef can taste and it was awesome.  Staff was fantastic, found my favorite type of steak and Wagyu tastes amazing, unlike any other steak.

Twitpic of the week

Matt’s picture of the strip from a place I’ve seen a million times but have never captured on film before.  It’s a photo of the east side of the strip taken from the tip of the crosswalk at Caesars Palace.  This pic is a panorama that grabs Flamingo, Bill’s, Bally’s and a bit of Paris and it is stunning.  It’s one of the few times I’ve seen a picture and became a little disoriented because I didn’t immediately know where it was taken from.


Anonymous said...

Ok so two parts of this last podcast had me laughing both sporadically and randomly throughout the rest of the day.

1st part, when Mark described the inside joke where everything was funny (OMG! Look at this effin guy...etc). I know how something like that can keep you fueled all night. It's one of those jokes that is so stupid it's actually very funny. And the more people around you don't laugh, the funnier it is. I don't know why.

2nd part: Keren's imitation of the above. As she was explaining what it looked like from her perspective, it suddenly became even funnier. Then she imitated the laughter in high-pitched voice that she called a twitter voice.

OMG! You guys kill me with this stuff. Love the dynamics between you. And that guy with the accent ain't half bad either.

Keep up the great work.

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