Sunday, March 4, 2012

E-37: Crucifix Buns

Random VegasPresident William Harding enjoyed playing poker but wasn’t very good at it.  He once gambled away the White House china to wealthy socialite Louise Cromewell Brooks after a evening of poker (Casino Player magazine)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week - Karen's March 2nd review of The Price is Right @Bally's - 4/5 chips

Twitpic of the week

This was another one of those times when, all week, I thought I knew who the winner was going to be and then at last minute, a nominee came in and stole it away.  This week’s winner goes to @dribbleglass for a remarkable picture of Bally’s.  Caesars Entertainment lit up all its properties in orange last week to celebrate the release of the new Total Reward program.  The reason for orange is because that’s the color of the new logo.  The picture was taken as part of @povblog post highlighting the new program.  It’s a really great photo of Bally’s and it’s people mover at night.  Even more impressive, the picture doesn’t appear to have a single person in it.  You have to really zoom in to see that one or two people are lurking in the shadows.  It’s a great picture, another one that is so familiar to the Vegas frequenter that it immediately takes you to that place in you mind


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trucker steve said...

Great show this week guys!!! Great job Matt, well done especially keeping your composure when mark said " Furiously masturbating like a monkey in a corner". I almost pissed my pants and drove into a cornfield, and mark your choice of words helped paint a picture worthy of Picasso , lmao effing hilarious !!! Way to hit it out of the park !!!!

Trucker steve

slickmv said...

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360Anteup said...

Thank you for you comment slickmv.
I am aware that you must look at more than just the full house/flush payouts to determine a good video poker paytable. I was just trying to keep it simple for people new to the game.
But yeah, in hindsight, it probably was a bit misleading the way we worded it.

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