Sunday, December 18, 2011

E-27: Dogfish Head

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You can find $5.00, 3:2 BlackJack at…Bellagio!  Bellagio has 2 of these tables.  One is in the pit by the lobby and the other is between the craps tables and Hyde Lounge. You may have to wait for a seat, it isn’t available 24/7 and two of the seats are Handicap spots but if you are patient, you can get great odds, dealers, booze and $5.00, 3:2 odds blackjack at Bellagio (Neon Dice)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week - This week’s winner is Cody’s Dec 12 review of Luxor – 3/5 chips

Twitpic of the Week

This week’s winner comes to us from @matt_wdafc for his amazing picture of Luxor.  Luxor has always been one of my favorite buildings in Vegas.  Luxor was the property that drew me to Vegas and the first property that I stayed at.  This is the best picture I’ve ever seen of Luxor without having the Sphinx in it.  I don’t have anything against the Sphinx but I think the black glass of the pyramid is stunning in and of itself, especially when shown from bottom to top.  This picture is taken from the pool area and captures almost the entire pyramid.  The picture captures not only the sun in the top right of the photo but an individual ray stretched from the sun to the ground across the pyramid.  It’s a stunning picture and we are thrilled to add it to our collection.



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Chris said...

Here's the deal with Foxboro and Massachusetts. The new law that allowed for casinos here split the state into 3 parts. The eastern 1/3 runs from Foxboro in the south out to Worcester in the west and up to New Hampshire, including Boston. So Wynn and Kraft are in competition with Caesars and a few others for the one license to be granted for this part of the state. to make life more interesting this week there are rumors that Adelson may be interested as well, possibly in the town right next to mine (but I'll never forgive him for knocking down the Sands and putting up that gaudy soulless monstrosity with no sense of history in its place, so fuck Sheldon).

The folks in Foxboro and many other towns are having a big case of NIMBYism. They're worried about the increased traffic, crime, addiction to gambling and alcohol etc that they claim a casino would bring. They already have to deal with tons of people flooding into their small town every Sunday for a couple months a year, they're looking at that becoming. All year round and are freaked out by it.

My personal take is that Wynn would build something beautiful there of course, but it would be WAY out of the league of most of the residents of that blue collar part of the state. So they'd get jobs sure, but they'd just end up working for wealthier folks coming in from other parts of the state/country/world without being able to enjoy it themselves. Feels like an insult.

Of course, Wynn's anti-Obama tirades probably won't win him any political points here, what with our governor being pals with the president. I'd be really surprised if Wynn gets the nod and will predict this license will go to Caesars to build in East Boston.

The other 2 parts of the state are contentious too but not as interesting yet. The western MA license appears to be a fight between Mohegan Sun, Ameristar and maybe Hard Rock. The Wampanoag tribe gets the first chance at the license in the southeastern part of the state, so not much is happening there yet. Also, Foxboro is very close to the line for that part of the state, which I think is another strike against Wynn - it would load 2 of the 3 casinos into one corner of the state.

My personal hope is for Caesars so I have somewhere closer than 8 hours away to rack up some Total Rewards points.

360 Vegas said...

Amazing insight. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

Chris said...

Update: MGM is joining the fight for the license in the western part of the state.

If I were Adelson, I'd be looking at something in the Southeastern zone where nothing seems to be coalescing.

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