Monday, September 5, 2011

360 Vegas Reviews: Trip Report Food Reviews

Vegas Mate Reviews of the Trip

Mon Ami Gabi - Bryan & Angela 4/5
Wicked Spoon Buffet - Everyone 5/5  
STK - Mark & Keren 5/5
Holsteins - Mark 5/5, Keren 4/5  
Cabo Wabo - Mark & Keren 1/5, Bryan & Angela 2/5
Planet Dailies - Mark 5/5, Keren 4/5  
I Heart Burger - Mark 3/5, Bryan & Angela 3/5
Sage - Keren 5/5
The Henry - Mark 4/5, Keren 4/5  
Ellis Island - Bryan & Angela 5/5


Chris said...

Great bonus round. Very helpful - my wife and I are headed out in a couple weeks and were already planning on going to Wicked Spoon, Mon Ami Gabi, Holsteins and are staying at PH so we'd probably end up at Planet Dailies. Nice to hear the reviews supporting our choices.

Chris (Cockblock Chris. For the record, not the same Chris who recommended the mp3 format)

360 Vegas said...

Haha. Thanks for clarifying that and thanks fir the feedback. Looks like you have a great trip ahead of you. Enjoy.

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