360 Vegas Vacation 2

Thurs & Fri
June 18th-19th, 2015

o   Thursday, June 18th
§  1 pm, Meet up at Yard House in Linq Promenade for Lunch
§  3 pm, off to O’Shea’s for beer pong, craps, blackjack and hanging out
§  4:45 pm, Linq hotel Porte Cashere for the super stretch limo ride touring the strip and ending downtown
·       Cost per person will depend on how many people show up
o   Won’t cost anyone anymore than it would have cost to get a cab to downtown
§  6 pm, Dinner @Nacho Daddy
§  8 pm, Group gambling on Fremont St till you can’t take it anymore
·       We Start with Slot Races @the D

o   Friday, June 19th
§  10:30 am, Breakfast @Planet Dailies
§  12:30 pm, Poolside Gaming @Flamingo
§  5 pm, dinner @Twin Peaks
§  7 pm, group gaming @Tropicana
§  8 pm, wherever the night takes us, probably end up at secret pizza at some point


Chris said...

Woohoo! I will be there!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to some great times, mass consumption of adult beverages and most likely very little sleep

dfens said...

How many people do you expect to attend? Will there be donkey punches and spanking lines?

360 Vegas said...

Numbers continue to fluctuate but it will be formidable. Your ideas for events are both disturbing and appealing.

Neon Vacation said...

Already packing............

Ty Berg said...

We'll be there.

Mike said...

I'm not seeing a definitive answer on the donkey punches and spanking lines. This is happening, right?

360 Vegas said...

They won't be official events but highly encouraged.

Anonymous said...

So with the Flamingo price related shenanigans, the pool side mockery is at Monte Carlo now right?

360 Vegas said...

Actually, even the prices at Monte Carlo have been deemed too much so we've got something else we are working on. Breakfast at Planet Dailies and poolside gaming at Flamingo. We just simply can't ask people to split the cost of something we've never paid anymore than a 3rd of the current asking prices before. Flamingo can't legally prevent us from coming in but I'm working with them so they don't even try. We'll officially announce the change on next weeks show and on social media soon.

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