Friday, March 18, 2016

NetEnt Set To Release Licensed Jimi Hendrix & Motörhead Slots

One of the largest suppliers of online slot machine games, Net Entertainment, are adding two new games in their series called “NetEnt Rocks”. These are licensed slots that are themed after popular artists of rock bands.

It all started with Guns N' Roses released in January and is about to continue with two additional slots to be released in the coming months - themed after Jimi Hendrix and Motörhead.

Jimi Hendrix

The first in the line will be Jimi Hendrix slot and we've already seen the design and functionality of it. Similarly as with Guns N' Roses, NetEnt have taken an approach that will likely appeal to casual players and not those that know common slot features inside out, or love playing volatile games.

There are three different free spins features included - Crosstown Traffic, Purple Haze and Little Wing. The hit rate on these is expected to be quite high, especially when compared to some of the more volatile titles of NetEnt like Jack & The Beanstalk.

As it could be expected with a slot game that utilizes the license of a renowned rock guitarist, the gameplay includes the biggest hits of Jimi. These include “Little Wing” and “Purple Haze'' that are two songs that the aforementioned free spins are based on.

Developers at NetEnt seem to have put in some effort into adding little things to the game as well. Every time a winning line is made, it's covered in flowers, and if you actually know a thing or two, you'll know that he was all about rainbow flowers on his guitars and clothes. For those who might remember him from the 70s, this might be a really nice twist.

To summarize it, Jimi Hendrix will be another game that should appeal to the masses. If what you are looking for is consistent payouts at a good RTP, and a game that's loaded with features that trigger often, this will be exactly that.


Motörhead is announced for launch on the 22th of September, but we don't have any details whatsoever about what the game is going to be like.
What we do see as a possibility is that NetEnt might actually try to develop a completely new framework and set of features for this game, which would then explain the relatively big time gap between the launch of this game and other two included in the series of NetEnt Rocks.

The Launch Day - Thousands Of Free Spins

Make sure not to miss the launch dates of either Jimi Hendrix or Motörhead slots, because this is exactly when many online casinos offer hundreds or even thousands of decent value free spins up for grabs.

Some of these might come with deposit requirements, but most of the NetEnt powered casino sites in the Nordic markets will also offer no deposit deals, and offers that might actually be +EV for you as a player.

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